Why this Course?

WordPress is one of the most popular engines for websites around the world. Learning how to use WordPress to build and manage websites is a great skill for everyone to have.


This course, which starts on Monday, September 5th, will start with a live class via Zoom, where we will explain the foundational knowledge of how websites work before you dive deeper into the course elements. The course is paced to ensure that everyone in the cohort gets to participate fully. There would be live sessions every Saturday throughout the course duration, allowing participants to engage with the instructor and ask questions.


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Course curriculum

    1. 0.1 Welcome to the October 2022 Cohort!

    2. 0.2 Onboarding Class (Recorded)

    3. 0.3 Welcome message from your instructor

    4. 0.4 Just before you get started...

    1. 1.0 Introduction - How websites works

    2. 1.1 Understanding domain names

    3. 1.2 How Domain Name Systems (DNS) work

    4. 1.3 What is Web Hosting?

    5. 1.4 How to place an order for domain and web hosting with Whogohost

    6. 1.5 Module 1 Quiz

    1. 2.1 What is WordPress?

    2. 2.2 Installing WordPress

    3. 2.3 - The WordPress Dashboard

    4. 2.4 Module 2 Quiz

    1. 3.1 WordPress Settings

    2. 3.2 WordPress Categories & Tags

    3. 3.3 WordPress Posts

    4. 3.4 WordPress Pages

    5. 3.5 WordPress Media

    6. 3.6 WordPress Comments

    7. 3.7 Wordpress Plugins

    8. 3.8 Wordpress Users

    9. 3.9 Module 3 Quiz

    1. 4.0 Introduction - Building & Customizing your WordPress Site

    2. 4.1 Customizing WordPress I - Installing and Activating a WordPress theme

    3. 4.2 Customizing WordPress II - Configuring general settings of a WordPress theme

    4. 4.3 Customizing WordPress III - Managing menu items and the footer

    5. 4.4 Customizing WordPress IV - Managing your homepage

    6. 4.5 Customizing WordPress V - Managing your blog posts

    7. 4.6 Customizing WordPress VI - Managing pages using the Elementor plugin

    8. 4.7 Customizing WordPress VII - Finalizing your WordPress site

    9. 4.8 Module 4 Quiz

    1. 5.0 Introduction - Final Configurations

    2. 5.1 Backing up your WordPress site

    3. 5.2 Securing your WordPress site

    4. 5.3 Module 5 Quiz

About this course

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  • 39 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

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  • Easy to Follow

    All content materials have been designed for non-technical users.

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    Test your knowledge as you progress through the course.

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5 star rating


Naheem Oshorinde

It help Me to be More Familiar with a lot of WordPress Features and Settings

It help Me to be More Familiar with a lot of WordPress Features and Settings

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5 star rating

I feel like a pro already

Desmond okoroji

I can't wait to finish this course

I can't wait to finish this course

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5 star rating

Awesome 😎

Victor Ayantunde

It has been awesome all the way.. thanks to whogohost for the great opportunity.

It has been awesome all the way.. thanks to whogohost for the great opportunity.

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  • Is this course available for free?

    The course content is available absolutely free! Enroll to become a part of the course today.

  • Can I run through the course or is the course paced?

    The goal of this course is to ensure that all participants can engage with the course fully. To ensure this, the courses are timed to ensure that all students move at a recommended pace.

  • Do I have to be technical before i can take the course?

    No, you don't have to be technical to take this course. This course is made for people who doesn't have any technical skills but want to learn how to build good-looking websites for themselves or their clients

  • Are the classes physical?

    The classes are all virtual so you cant take the course from the comfort of your house in any part of the world.

  • Can I add the certificate to my resume?

    We are a recognized brand and we can assure you that you will have an edge if you present this to any employer. Also, we are regularly hiring and if you are successful, we will send all participant details to our HR team for review and you might just get an opportunity to join the Whogohost team

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    The course should take you an average of 6 weeks to complete